Pollution And Its Effects On Society

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Pollution is affecting many individuals and life, as we know it. We need to do something about how it’s affecting our world. That’s why I urge the issue that more people should realize that pollution is an issue that needs to be prevented because of its negative consequences. Which are health affects, the total destruction of environments, and the death of animals and plants. More awareness must be brought up amongst the people and they must realize the long-term benefits it has for the world. Pollution is causing the destruction of environments and habits resulting in many adverse affects. The types of environments that are heavily damaged by pollution is normally freshwater ones. Polluting factors such as untreated sewage, mining waste, acid rain, fertilizers and pesticides concentrate in rivers, lakes and wetlands and eventually end up in estuaries and the food web. A statistic released by the Marine Science Education Project of the Indonesian Ministry of Higher Education States that “…Reefs subject to land-based pollution (sewage, sedimentation, and or industrial pollution) show 30–50% reduced diversity at 3 m, and 40–60% reduced diversity at 10 m depth relative to unpolluted comparison reefs in each region.” This statistic is alarming because it shows just how much pollution can affect a certain environment. Not only does it affect the environment but it also affects animals, plants and people. Not only does pollution destroy plants but it also affects the health of animals and humans. The affects of pollution on living organisms maybe short and long term. As a child growing I had a friend who was form India, and he would visit every few years. The part he lived in wasn’t so urban and rich it was very actually very poor... ... middle of paper ... ...fornia, Again mark Baucus stated” That state allows cars to emit no more than 0.4 grams per mile of nitrogen oxide, a major contributor to smog. Cars in the rest of the nation can emit up to 1.0 gram per mile.” This was a great disadvantage for car producers in California and this hurt people because the price of cars in the state of California went up. Turning more heads against pollution prevention. The argument on pollution prevention is a no brainer because the pros simply out way the cons. We are all human and as humans we should want what’s best for each other. Its time for our generation to stopping conforming to the ideologies of being conservative and short sighted. We need to look further and as a society think as visionaries. If we want to survive, the harsh reality is we need to stop polluting and only then we can be sure of the development of a future
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