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Introduction It is estimated that three billion individuals on earth use sources of energy such as Coal, firewood, and animal waste to cook and prepare meals. According to the World Health Organization Report (2004 data), approximately two million people die due to diseases that are related to indoor pollution. The effects of this are witnessed in the high rate of pneumonia due to inhaled matter, and the high rate of Chronic or respiratory diseases. Causes of Indoor Pollution It is the presence of high levels of physical, biological and chemical contaminants which are usually not available in the normal air. In this pollution, the air is concentrated in a confined space and contaminated by cooking fumes, perfumes, soaps, insecticides, dust e.t.c. The situation is made worse by some houses lack adequate ventilating system. According to the United States environmental protection Agency, there are indigenous communities that are greatly affected by indoor pollution such as smoke and radon. (US EPA, 1993) The effects on Human Health Immediate Effects They are visible after the first or a...
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