Politics and Political Sciences

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Politics and Political Sciences

What is political science? It is the study of the mechanism that people employ for their protection, better known as a government. When looking up the word government in the dictionary the word authority is used repeatedly. To many people the type and extent of authority over them is very important. So, which is the best kind of government?

Is it the monarch or the republic? It is important to look at the difference between monarchs and republics and how they came about.

Monarchies are usually run by a king or queen. These rulers are heads of the government because of birth. Of course, not all monarchs are the same, some are more powerful than others. There are three kinds of monarchs limited, constitutional, and an absolute.

The least powerful of the group is the limited monarch. They usually have no political power and are just a historical figure. The country is run by the prime minister. A good example of this is England. Queen Elizabeth makes public appearances and ceremonies. The truth is she has no decisions in political decisions. She can not make laws of or deal with any similar issue, but is still a very important part of England's tradition. There can be different titles in different countries. For example in Japan the Emperor is like the king or queen of England.

The constitutional monarch has more powers than the limited monarch, but they are restricted. The countries constitution puts the king, queen, prime minister, and parliament below the law. They can make laws and policies or veto, however, parliament must give their consent. Some countries that are constitutional monarchs are Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

The final and most powerful monarchs are absolute monarchs. In these countries The king or queen have absolute control over the country. At one time all monarchs used to be absolute. The king or queen is the law, the Parliament can suggest ideas but he or she has the final say. Absolute powers today include Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, however, in these countries the head authority is called the Amir.

The other form of government is a republic. In the dictionary it is that said that a republic is a form of government where the power is in the citizens who are allowed to elect their representation. However, it is better said, a country without a king or queen and is not a monarch because not all republics are the same.
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