Politically Identifying Personal Essay

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I identify as a moderate with liberal tendencies. As I’ve been thrown into the world of government, I have been given the task of identifying myself on the political spectrum. I’ve always thought I’ve had a minimal grasp on my beliefs, and as I have learned more and more I am now comfortable in my identification. I am more often socialist rather than capitalist, and liberal rather conservative. When it comes to international politics though, I don’t always follow the left hand views. As a liberal moderate I am for an increase in minimum wage, I believe in pro-choice, but I am also in support of the Iraq-War. To begin, raising minimum wage is something that I do support and stand for. Raising the minimum wage is a left sided socialist view, and I believe that it would be a positive action for the nation. A raise has been discussed back and forth for quite some time now. The current push from the democratic party is for a federal minimum wage increase to $9, while the republican party pushes to keep it at $7.25. Raising the minimum wage is necessary to keep up with inflation. As said, the current minimum wage is $7.25, and according to Gov. Shumlin & Malloy, with inflation taken into account, that is less than in 1968 when minimum wage saw its peak spending value. Raising it will give 28 million Americans the ability to spend and invest money back into our economy (2014). The opposing side says that a wage increase will in fact kill jobs. William Dunkelberg of Forbes.com says, “Obviously, $50/hr would be detrimental to employment as is $7/hr, its just a matter of degree” (2012). Meaning that every set minimum wage is damaging purely because it is a price floor. More money to spend from a higher minimum wage for current low wage ear... ... middle of paper ... ...re in my political views today. Works Cited Peter Shumlin, Dan Malloy, “No brainer: Three reasons why a $10.10 minimum wage is good for America”, CNN, 5 Mar, 2015, William Dunkelberg, “Why Raising The Minimum Wage Kills Jobs”, Forbes, 31 Dec, 2012, Rob Schwarzwalder, “The Best Pro-Life Arguments For Secular Audiences”, Family Reasearch Council Tanya Luhrmann, “The Pro-Choice Argument”, The Harvard Crimson, 25 Oct, 1979, Alan Guttmacher Institute, “Induced Abortion in the United States”, Alan Guttmacher Institute, Feb, 2014, Stephen J. Hadley, “Americans Can Be Proud of What Was Achieved in Iraq”, Wall Street Journal, 30 Jan, 2014, Richard N. Haass, “The Iraq Invasion 10 Years Later: A Wrong War”, Huffington Post, 15 Mar, 2013,
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