Political Transitions in America

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As life began in the new world many people that have traveled wanted to live in a new atmosphere. People sought out wealth, fortune, freedom and wanted to express their ideas and beliefs as they could have not in their own countries. The new world gave these settlers an opportunity to start their new lives and way of life. One aspect of their new lives was how they wanted to be ruled and their political ideas. Political transitions have occurred throughout the beginning of the settlement of the new world from the British colonies to the first president with a central government then the secession of the south and Civil War until Richard Nixon and the Watergate Scandal. The English colonies were the starting basis of the new world. Jamestown, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania all had their own ways of governing their people. Jamestown’s first political structure was the House of Burgesses which was the first government and was limited by the governor and Joint Company to decide. Also all free men could vote, but later on this was limited to white land owners. Many of their political problems were mainly expansion because farmers wanted more land and problems with the Native Americans. One notable issue was Bacon’s Rebellion which was a revolt against the royal governor of Jamestown who refused to fight back against the attacking Native Americans. About 300-600 people marched into Jamestown and burned down the city and Bacon also died, furthermore this was one of the beginning issues of western expansion. Another starting settlement was Massachusetts whose government was highly tied to the church. The members of the church congregation had full legal rights to making laws in the land. They were Calvinists who believed that God had... ... middle of paper ... ...in D. Roosevelt has been elected as President. During this presidency Roosevelt introduced two major New Deal programs that were aimed at the industrial and agricultural recovery from the great depression. The first was the National Recovery Administration where labor leaders were equally determined and workers had a maximum work hours and minimum wage was created. Then the focus on the new deal changed from recovery to reform. (Divine, #646- Throughout American History the Political transitions that have occurred helped create a strong hope in the people today. The colonies that began in the new world have prospered into this great nation going through many conflicts and problems, from the war for independence to secession and the civil war to the great depression and recovery. These political transitions helped make America be what it is today; A great nation.
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