Political Speech

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Discursive consciousness encourages politicians to partake in sharing one’s history. It is the speech that is a conversation or discourse between the potential and the intended audience. It is a personal campaign, relating platform to the laity in an effort to gain a true backing. That creates a profile. Through existential coherence, the insinuations of relatedness succor the public and the politician to find common ground, supplying elements of familiarity evoking a relatable and approachable persona. This public image is a configuration of the individual’s history, ideas, beliefs, and purpose, an oratorical resume of sorts. A Narrative of belonging would be displayed in the existential coherence of the campaign. Implications of specific regional qualifications render the potential apropos to the masses. In example [1] candidate Steve Evans, relegates his background, relishing his youth. Action of Narrative belonging entices the voters to identify the candidate as “one of us”. It is reinforcing the notion that he is not an outsider. Example [2] invites the audience to look into ...
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