Political Significance Of Political Theatre

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Throughout our everyday lives, we are exposed to various forms of power and persuasion. This can be found simply by listening to the radio, going to the ball park, buckling our seatbelt or reading a book. In essence and as discussed in class, politics can be found most anywhere. When it comes to discussing politics, most will readily agree that it is often associated with but not limited to power and influence. For the purpose of this analysis, the definition of politics proposed is that it involves the relationship of people or any activity concerned with interacting, influencing or acquiring power (combination of definitions from m-c.com and www. dictionary.com). There are many platforms, such as political theatre, that are used as political tools. Political theatre serves as a venue which often addresses controversial, social or political issues with the intent or goal to bring awareness, incite change or action. While some are convinced that politicians and corporations hold power, I contend that everyone essentially does so through their ability to use influence and persuasion like that of political theatre. In a sense, political theatre may also be considered our daily lives with each day being a new performance. Although it may not seem of great concern, it should since politics, both negatively and positively, impact our daily lives. Hence, it is imperative to understand the significant power it yields.
For this assignment, I will be analyzing the political significance of the play, Twelve Angry Men, written by Reginald Rose in addition to the film by Sidney Lumet in which Rose co-produced. I read the book as well as watched the film, courtesy of Cantabrigidian via Youtube, and they were extremely similar with minimal d...

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...ables us to learn and make choices. Like we discussed about Sartre in both Y105 and Y200, we make choices regardless of right or wrong or even knowing the consequences and will never know if it were the right or wrong choice. In a sense, this too is found within our judicial system/government in that jurors/judges/prosecutors/defense attorney must consider the evidence, facts and testimony and set aside bias and live in good faith. However, there will be times where decisions will be made as well as errors, but as long as they/we have done our best and take responsibility, then that is all we can do. Like the jurors in Twelve Angry Men, it was their responsibility to set aside their bias and consider the facts so as to give the defendant a fair trial. Morality and ethics played a significant role in this play and film, which is also demonstrated in our daily lives.
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