Political Science: A Study Of Government And Political Government

Political science is a study of state and government which governs and control the citizen and the country. According to Dahl (2013), political science is the study of human interaction with power, authority and rule in politics for political system. Politics is the central to Islam if it is defines in its narrow sense to mean the art of the government. (Moten, 1996). It is important for us to learn political science in order to know about the operations of the government and how it’s works to the state and people. Parliamentary and presidential system are two common types of democracy that were applied to many Latin America, African, Europe and Asian states. A parliament system is the form of the government where the executive power is a…show more content…
However, they still have the similarities in terms of purpose, democratic principle and authority given by the constitution. According to Roskin, Cord, Medeiras and Jones (1994), the task of government is to provide for the lives, stability, economic and social well-being of all its citizens. Both systems stress on the betterment of the society to ensure the citizens get their rights and to fulfil what society needs. Regarding to these purposes, government, either parliamentary or presidential have established policies, blueprint, and constitution in order to manage the affairs of state. Moreover, parliamentary and presidential practice election system that the person who wants the position in government is compulsory to win majority vote by the citizens. The election must be conducted with justice and cannot be biased. The parties that have competed in the election should be given the same equality to promote their person. Charles (2003) coined that government should be elected based on critical democratic principle and competitive elections to determine who governs. The next similarity is the authority given by the constitution. Both systems have power given by law or constitution to govern the state. In this context, Head of State and Head of Government are compulsory to manage the state and society according to the rules that have been provided in constitution. They cannot break the constitution because their power still in constitution’s

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