Political Satire in Animal Farm by George Orwell

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Political Satire in Animal Farm by George Orwell The book Animal Farm was written by George Orwell. It is a political satire written to parallel communist Russia. Every event and character in the book has a parallel in history to the events and characters that make up the communist revolution. Characters in the book such as Old Major and Napoleon, parallel leaders like Lenin and Stalin. The book, like the communist revolution, contained many good and bad examples of leadership. Animal Farm takes place on a small fictional farm in England called "Manor Farm." The animals on the farm include, dogs, a cat, ducks, pigs, horses, a donkey, and even field mice, pigeons, and a crow. On the farm the animals are hard working and severely mistreated. Clearly representing the working class, the animals of the farm are unappreciated and un-rewarded for their hard work by the human owners of the farm. The humans parallel the Russian monarchy. Lead by farmer Jones, who was a poor manager of his farm much like Czar Nicholas was a poor leader, the humans mistreat the animals. After being mistreated for some time one of the animals takes the first step toward change. An old pig called Old Major has a dream and tells all the animals about it. His dream was of the animals running the farms of the world for themselves, without the evil presence of humans. He gives a speech to the animals of the farm about being free and working for themselves. Old Major then is like Lenin or perhaps Karl Marx. His ideas of freedom are communist in nature and they awe the animals of the farm. Old Major excites the animals with thoughts of revolution. Eventually Old Major Dies but his speech stays implanted on the minds of the animals. T... ... middle of paper ... .... Gradually though the two leaders begin to disagree. This is where Napoleon and Snowball begin to become bad leaders. Arguing and debating in front of the other animals causes confusion and miscommunication. Strong communication is needed between the leaders and the led in order to maintain order. The communication between Napoleon and Snowball eventually stops completely. By this point in the book Napoleon and Snowball stop being good leaders completely. They act in their own interest instead of in the interest of the other animals. Once Napoleon had driven Snowball from the farm he gets worse. Napoleon completely forgets about the welfare of his fellow animals. He ignores his responsibilities as a leader and focuses on himself and just maintaining his power on the farm. Napoleon breaks all of his own rules and becomes just like his enemy the humans.

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