Political Parties & Interest Groups

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Political Parties and Interest Groups Parties are not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, they are vital to the function of the electoral system in the states. Parties organize opposition by recruiting and nominating candidates, act as opposition powerless, unify electorate, and provide government and people linkage.(Magleby 55) Election rules in favor of Democrats and Republicans, not minorities. Minor parties must have a min. number of votes to appear on ballot. Various things must appear for minor parties to get on the ballot: num. Of signatures, allotted time to collect; signatures distributed across several counties. (Maglebey 56) The party column ballot-encourages party-line voting, organized by parties, party name and symbol at top column which lists party candidates running for election. A straight ticket vote-voters cast all votes for one party. Office block ballot-party candidates spread over ballot encourages split ticket voting- voting for candidates of many parties. (Magleby 57) In 19th century political machines-one party ruling a city, by recruiting more immigrants as supporters and voters offering welfare and jobs. There were meeting places for parties so as to have a boss of politics. A boss was a party leader using patronage, contracts, and access to power dictate politics, ex. New York. Reform movements made nonpartisan elections (see elections). (Magleby 58) In all states there is a party chair elected by central committee or delegates to party convention. The vice chair by state laws or by laws must be of opposite gender, treasurer and secretary. Party leaders answer to a central committee 20 or more chosen for specific terms. (Magleby 59) One party state, a state in which one party wins all the... ... middle of paper ... ...vanced skill training and apprenticeship. Law and Justice Civil order is necessary to the survival of a free and democratic state. Civil order can occur only when Justice treats the least among us as the greatest in all legal matters. We can never abandon the legal principles upon which a free and domecratic societies relies. They can affirm Liberty and Justice for everyone residing in the U.S. according to the Constitution. Military The U.S. military's job is to "provide for the common defense." They are proud of citizen's action to the call of duty and will be sure to ensure everything the nation has promised them- and owes them. Transportation They believe in assisted transportation such as buses and monorail. Those were all what they believe in on those topics. Bibliography Magleby State and Local Politics Prentice Hall © 2007 www.wa-democrats.org
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