Political Ideology in The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli

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Niccolò Machiavelli transformed political theory by forming new ideas essential to the progress of Europe in the 16th century, strengthening the Heads of State in Italy, and revolutionizing views on politics through his views of power and dominance.

The ideology that Niccolò Machiavelli manifested in his many political writings created a new motive for politics. Before he began his works such as The Prince and The Discourses, Machiavelli had a different idea of political thought. His ideas changed most notably from 1503 to 1513 (Mattingly 6). He was known for his creation of Machiavellianism, a theory that entails understanding politics primarily in terms of who dominates whom and how successfully,. Machiavelli successfully reformed political thought, making “the tradition that originated in classical Greece was rejected in favor of a new political philosophy,” (McShea 2).
Many of Machiavelli’s political works put leaders first and stressed the importance of having a strong Head of State. Some view the trait of dominance as evil, but when put into context in the time period it was established, this trait actually advanced Europe. His change in his idea of great dominance for a leader was due to the power in Italy (Mattingly 6), with leaders such as the Borgia’s and Medici’s. These leaders possessed traits that Machiavelli admired. Machiavelli’s ideas were powerful new aspects that helped shape political theory and established original thoughts that provoked new ideas from people. His views on politics are shown in The Discourses, which takes “the form of a commentary on the first ten books of Livy’s history of Rome,” (Skinner 78). Quote from The Discourses explained.
In 16th Century Europe, Machiavelli initiated a change in...

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...ieved that power and dominance in leaders were most important; a brand new idea for the Church driven politics of 16th century Europe. Quote and explanation from The Prince. about power.
Niccolò Machiavelli transformed political theory by forming an ideology essential to Europe, strengthening the Heads of State, and revolutionizing ideas on politics. Machiavellianism was a theory important to the time period due to the necessary separation between Church and State and the need for power. Someone needed to innovate common standards in 16th Century Europe, and Machiavelli served as the force for this necessity. Machiavelli presented strength and power as most important, discussing how a leader must be dominant in his. His writings had an everlasting impact on modern political thought. Created new ideas of political theory. Revolutionized the way politics were viewed.
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