Political Globalization In Pakistan

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Gendered relations and empowerment is not a new issue. There has constantly been a debate over the unequal power balance between genders, not only in the United States but around the world. Globalization refers “to the complex web of forces and factors that have brought people, cultures, cultural products, and markets, as well as beliefs and practices, into increasingly greater proximity to and interrelationship with one another within inequitable relations of power” (Sorrells 2013, 32). Globalization has also made a major impact on the views of men and women. Today, there has been a constant change in women’s role within society. These differences greatly depend on a country’s values and beliefs. This paper will compare and contrast the impact…show more content…
Political globalization has impacted women in Pakistan and Sweden. In Pakistan, many of women lack legal status. As a result, women in Pakistan have less political rights. Sweden political globalization have impacted women in different ways. Sweden has “one of the highest representation of women in parliament with 43%” (Langevin 2015,350). Women in Sweden help to make governmental decisions. These decisions not only impact women but also men. Pakistan is not as far advanced when it comes political globalization and its impact on women development. Pakistan is highly dominated by male’s political decisions. In Pakistan, “women are underrepresented at most levels of government in public affairs” (Naz 2011, 61). Women face slow progress in attaining political power in legislative bodies. The number of votes between women and men are the same in Sweden. Also, women’s party can actively pressure a party for women’s representation in parliamentary office. In Sweden’s political arena, “more women are responsible for health, education, and social welfare than budget and economy” (Langevin 2015, 352). Women, politics, and power is therefore different than that of women in education or in the labor force. Even though political globalization has made a major impact on women’s progress between Pakistan and Sweden, it is not the only thing that has been impacted through
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