Political Dominance

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The phrase “the sky's the limit” is an idea that many strive for. To be able to go from nothing to the best, however, this idea is not always relevant in society. brief summary of the theme of privilege in the kite runner. briefly state how this theme is scene by author scholars and the authors. (hosseini). briefly connect power to wealth. There is a great extent of power given to wealthy people in society.

Body Paragraph # 1
Throughout the Kite Runner Hosseini exemplifies that the only way for survival is political influence and wealth. For instance, Hosseini’s father’s relations allowed them to leave Afghanistan where as many other families did not have the resources to leave the country. Hosseini states, “my trip to Kabul, what hit me really there was an almost overwhelming sense of guilt” (Hosseini). As shown by these words, Hosseini’s guilt remains with him even as an adult. Hosseini left his home country because if it wasn’t for his departure he would have died just as thousands of others did. Hosseini uses his own experiences for inspiration as he writes the Kite Runner. Amir, the main character, explains, “I thought of the way we’d left the house, where I’d lived my entire life… Jalaluddin- would probably think we’d gone out for a stroll…” (Hosseini 47). Consequently, many would wonder about Amir’s disappearance however, in order to ensure a safe way to America, and a new life, they would have to keep quiet. Amir and his father had to leave the ones they loved most in order to live. In any case, the lives of the wealthy are spared simply because of who they are.
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Having an education is dependent on the social class of a person. Hosseini was educated and therefore became successful, unlike o...

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...se Pashtuns “have always dominated and ridiculed Hazaras.” (Database). The same dominance is seen in The Kite Runner when Hassan’s son, Sorab, is also rapped by Asseff. This repeated rape portrays the never ending struggle of lower class citizens and the helplessness they are forced to portray. Lower class citizens will always be controlled by their superiors simply because they are seen as inferior.

Conclusion Paragraph
Power is given to the upper class simply because they won at the genetic lottery of life. Who you are determines what you do. Hosseini shows us how social class determines who you are. He allows us to see the great amount of struggle in Afghanistan because of racial power. It opens our eyes to see how this applies here in the U.S. Many lower class families remain lower class for generations to come, and vice versa.

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