Political Culture: The Political Culture Of The United States

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The political culture of the United States is an ever changing entity that shifts in accordance to the popular beliefs and opinions of the nation’s people. Political culture contains the non-partisan views that in general virtually all American’s agree on; views such as the right to the pursuit of happiness, democracy, civic duty and equality. The different ways in which we choose to address these issues and the way in which we expect our government to address these issues is where we begin to see the political culture divide into separate ideologies. And while we can make generalizations about the left and right wing of political ideologies that create clear lines and definition for either side the reality is political ideologies exist on …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the political culture of the united states is an ever-changing entity that shifts in accordance with popular beliefs and opinions.
  • Analyzes how donald trump differs from the traditional definition of conservatism. traditional conservatives hold strict stances on social issues such as abortion and personhood, same sex marriage, and the role of religion in government.
  • Explains conservatism's views on limiting federally imposed taxes and a culture of self-reliant amongst the united states citizenry.
  • Analyzes how conservatives oppose federally mandated taxes and the affordable care act, which is in direct opposition to the fundamentals of conservative values.
  • Compares the neo-liberal values of the affordable care act with socialist ideology. liberalism favors a more active federal government that has vested interest in the welfare of its citizens.

Modern Liberalism in contrast to conservatism runs on a basis of federal government regulations and imposed legislation that guarantees and protect equality especially of historically and systemically marginalized group such a women, the poor, and people of color. Liberalism favors a more active federal government that ha vested interest in the welfare of its citizens. Though there are differing stances on the role and extent to which federal taxes should fund programs such as welfare, postsecondary education, and health care within liberalism the vast majority agree that the majority of taxes used to fund such programs should come from the wealthiest class of Americans and otherwise only those who could afford it. Unlike conservatives liberal agendas oppose school lead prayer and demand clearly defined separation of church and state. This defined separation is a preventative measure as the Christian majority would most likely have disproportionate influence and impose law and regulation most closely resembling their religious beliefs thus impeding the non-Christian minorities’ first amendment right to freedom of religion. Largely liberals support the efforts of government agencies like the EPA who fight against man made climate change and environmental disasters through the regulation of industrial polluters and implementing individual laws. The common liberal stance on abortion is one that is pro-choice similar to libertarians majority of liberals oppose the government 's regulation of individual autonomy. Finally amongst the defining features of a modern liberal is the belief that the constitution was written as a purposefully vague outline meant only to guide the American government open to interpretation and is subject to changes as society

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