Political Correctness or Freedom of Speech

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The term political correctness (PC) has infringed on our freedom of speech by assuming that the populace is too ignorant to realize what appropriate speech is. This term is now as common in our society as the term, ‘freedom of speech’. It is incomprehensible how these two words have had such an effect on the manner in which our society communicates. The trend casts a negative view on our society by letting political views determine what is appropriate in our social sector. Political correctness, as applied in today’s society, seeks to control freedom of speech and poses a true danger to a free society. The First Amendment’s focus is the protection of our right to express our thoughts through speech, whether written or verbal. By PC’s intrinsic infringement on these rights, it has become a subtle tool used for dismantling freedom of speech and manipulating the flow of information to the masses. The similarities between political correctness and Marxism are nearly endless. Marxism bred political correctness; therefore, its roots lie in a version of Marxist ideology, derived from the Frankfurt School, which sees culture, rather than the economy, as the site of class struggle. Marxist social theory projects the importance of mass culture and communication in social reproduction and domination. The Marxist theory attacks free speech and the demand for diversity and tolerance over everything except individuals and ideologies deemed ‘intolerant.’ This theory is the beginning of the process of transforming a free nation into a Marxist state. When this theory is presented in a subtle manner, it accomplishes its goal. Although it is often the subject of humor, the political correctness’s of Marxist roots impose societal control and denial... ... middle of paper ... ...rrectness: For and Against. Lanham, Univ Pr of Amer. 1995. Print. Kellner, Douglas Critical Theory, Marxism, and Modernity. Cambridge and Baltimore: Polity and John Hopkins University Press. 1989 Print. Heston, Charlton, Winning the Cultural War Speech delivered 16 February 1999, Austin Hall, Harvard Law School Levine, Lawrence W. The Opening of the American Mind: Canons, Culture, and History Beacon Press; 1st ed. 1997 ---Media Culture. Cultural Studies, Identity, and Politics Between the Modern and the Postmodern. London and New York: Routledge; 1995 Mirkinson, Jack . “Juan Williams: Muslims On Planes Make Me ‘Nervous’” The Huffington Report on the web 21 Oct. 2010. 07 Dec 2010 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/10/19/juan- williams-muslims-nervous_n_768719.html Wheatland, Thomas. The Frankfurt school in exile. Univ of Minnesota Pr, 2009. Print.
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