Political And Economic Factors Affecting Society 's Common Practice

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Political and economic factors are the main causes of environmental related problems. However, the society is also a crucial factor to consider. We , as citizens, must work hand in hand with the government in order to make changes. Taking that into consideration, we are going to discover further in two aspects, which are education and infrastructure between London and Beijing. First of all, education plays an important role in shaping society 's common practice. Both British and Chinese government have put great emphasis on introducing environmental protection topics into the regular curriculum. Environmental education started as a cross curricular theme in 1990. Education for sustainable development (ESD) was introduced in 2000. Followed by the learning outside the classroom manifesto and the sustainable schools strategy (s3) in 2006. The previous government aimed to turn all schools to become a sustainable school by 2020, but was sadly set aside by the following government. Lamentably , The new Primer minister Theresa May abolished the department of energy and climate change , which might influence environmental education in the near future. Meanwhile the ministry of environmental protection takes the lead in the Chinese environmental education system. Related plan was released in 1996, with the introduction of "Green school" in 2000 as well as its related competition between schools in 2006.We have noticed a slight divergence, which are the implementation of the programme as well as the distribution of resources. Environmental sustainability has attracted great attention of the London government after the great smog in 1952 and new strategy are imposed since then.Beijing, in comparison, is a new comer to this topic. Theref... ... middle of paper ... ...na in recent years. More and more people can afford to have their own car. The reason behind is that ,firstly, bicycles are regarded to be quite old fashion in the society. Secondly, The busy traffic and air pollution stop people from cycling. Thirdly, citizens claim for not having enough parking spaces. In order to cope with the situation. Chinese government reduces the large number of vehicles by restricting vehicles with a certain last number on their licences to get on the road daily the strategy helps reduce air pollution in a great extent. Since the two countries have different back group, it is unfair to tell one is superior to the other. The point of comparison is to see if there is a place for interplay as well as improvement in both countries. At the end of the day, we, as citizens, should also play our part in order to make the word into a better place.
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