Political Advertisements In Bob Dole's Political Campaign Commercials

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Political campaign ads have played a very important role in presidential elections since the television was invented. They allowed for the appearance of a candidate become a new factor of appeal. Not many people were fully informed about their government, let alone a presidential candidate. Televised campaign ads helped change that. Now, people are informed and persuaded through these ads, changing the way people once made their decisions about voting. Adlai Stevenson, the democratic candidate, ran against Dwight Eisenhower, the Republican incumbent, for the presidency in 1956. This election served as a rematch for the 1952 election, which was won by Eisenhower (The Livingroom Candidate). Due to positive events in Eisenhower 's presidency,…show more content…
Doctors told him that he would never be able to walk again, but he pulled through and proved the doctors wrong by recovering in nine months. In the ad, Bob Dole opens by saying “We have a moral obligation to give our children an America with the opportunities and values of the nation we grew up in.” (The Livingroom Candidate) The words “moral obligation” and “values” are a clear attack on President Clinton, and are used throughout the rest of the ad’s story. Along with the storytelling, there are pictures of Dole’s youth and military service. This television advertisement was made to remind people that Bill Clinton didn’t have the right morals to remain as president. Bob Dole lost the 1996 election by a wide margin He received only 159 electoral votes while his Democratic opponent received 379 electoral votes (Leip). Most of Bob Dole’s presidential campaign ads were about morals and values. The repetitiveness is what made his ads ineffective. Constantly attacking Clinton for his personal actions made him seem almost childish; as if he didn’t have a real plan or he only wanted to remove Bill Clinton from the presidency because he didn’t like the way he was

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