Policy Officers and The Taser Electrical Shock Delivering Device

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The purpose of this research paper is many folds, such as to fulfill the requirement in this class, but most important purpose of this paper is to inform the readers of the option police have, if properly armed with, the Taser electric shock delivering device.

Needs Assessment: The reasoning behind this paper is also many fold. Primary is after the recent shootings that have taken place in our country as of late, be them on military instillations or school grounds, I have heard lots of rumors and chat from people that some of the shooters should have not been shot and killed by responding units and should have been “taken down” without the cost of their lives. Many of the people I have heard on campus and on the web seem to have many misconceptions on the abilities of the police and their requirements to use force as well as the types of, and abilities of non-lethal tools that the police can utilize against persons suspected of committing crimes.

Information: To start I believe it is important to inform people that one there is requirements needed for a police officer to utilize force of any type. Two those requirements are mandated by Supreme Court rulings. The ruling of the Supreme Court mandated that a police officer must have three things in their opinion, the police officers opinion, to utilize force.
• Capability: the person you are confronting must have the capability to do serious harm to yourself or others
• Opportunity: the person you are confronting must have the opportunity to cause serious harm to yourself or others
• Intent: the person you are confronting must have shown, demonstrated or implied they wish to do, or have done serious harm to yourself or others
Once those things have been observed or im...

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