Policy Makers in Hong Kong

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The purpose of this paper is trying to find out the main strategic priorities for policy makers of the chosen city: Hong Kong, China, to strong and development sustainably the economic and planning over the next 20 years. As the urban economy is a key factor of city planning, so the changing of city economy would affect the social, political and commercial life in a city. This essay would select Hong Kong as a study object to think about policy and planning for a city, which provide a practical exercise that might be encountered in the further under professional practice.

The organization of the paper is as follow. First, it will introduce some foundation of urban economy. Second, the general information about Hong Kong would be presented, including geography, population, history, policy and so on. Third, that will talk about the economy development history in Hong Kong. Forth, it turns to the policy of economy in Hong Kong. Fifth, it will discuss and speculate the further development of Hong Kong on the areas of economy, planning and policy. Seventh, a summary would be sort out.

Basic theory of City Economies

Urban economics is an economic discipline to study the economic relations and its regular pattern of cities under the development process. The main content of basic theory of the urban economy includes urbanization, city size, and internal structure of the urban economy and so on.

As urban economics is also a part of social science, so it subject to be constrained by social and political system. Therefore, under the different social systems, the contents of study will be significant differences. For examples, in the western countries, it mainly studies the markets within the city, and tries to so...

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...system the performance of macro-economic policies, because it is Hong Kong's macroeconomic performance and unlock the current hot issues a key. (Hu, 2005)

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