Policy Brief : Cuba Must Create Laws Against Domestic Violence

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Policy Brief: Cuba must Create Laws against Domestic Violence The Cuban government is under a civil law system; with all of their laws that prevent their citizens from breaking the law, there is no law against domestic violence within the court system. In Cuba there are women and girls who struggle to live an actually life in Cuba, due to the male-dominated traditions. This is demonstrated though economies and political structure, which relegate women as second to known. Many women in Cuba work for self push to achieve knowledge in higher education, health, opportunity in the economic system, and the legal system. The women of Cuba are required to work jobs, and come home to do the cooking, cleaning, and take care of the children. While men had the luxury of a higher position and only being required to work to earn wages, women continued to have to leave one job to go strength to another. While Castro Revolution acknowledged the issues with gender equality early on, women only had little if any say in agenda setting. The women in Cuba for years have set goals to have a better life. Bring women into the economy, as well as develop domestic work and childcare; providing social, political, educational resources for women and their families. They have had money achievements; the maternity leave laws, the 1974 Family Code, and feminist role like The Federation of Cuban Women (FMC). The women of Cuba have come along way, however there a major issue with their domestic violence law. I. Executive Summary One of the major issues in Cuba is that the need a law against gender violence; this law is needed to protect victims and prevent the issue. This is an ongoing issue that has no laws in place to stop or prevent it from happening. Wh... ... middle of paper ... ...that the Cuban government must for. Providing these women with job security will motivate them to remove themselves from the situation.  Physically education classes will empower the women to defend themselves, which will create strength.  Once the government creates a Penal Code, and an Article regarding the crime, Cuba will see a lot less women being murdered and abused. With all the hurt and pain these women go through living in their own country, there government must take action. Without there being a law against the crime of domestic violence, they women of Cuba will continue to be unsafe, and suffer from a great deal of pain. In order for this crime to be prevented the Cuba government must stand up and protect the women of their country. If these changes are not made soon, other country must invade Cuba in order to create a better human rights system.

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