Policy Analysis on the Maryland Against Handgun Abuse Program

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Policy Analysis on the Maryland Against Handgun Abuse Program

Marylanders Against Handgun Abuse (MAHA) is a non-profit organization that is committed to the prevention and education of handgun violence. According to the FBI Uniform Crime report over 65.2% of crimes committed in 1999 involved a firearm. Approximately 10,096 people were murdered this year by a firearm. The MAHA says, " Guns have no boundaries of sex, race, or geography." The plan of action for the MAHA is to reach the community, devise legislative plans, educate youth, and help to incorporate awareness programs into school's curriculum.

In the comprehensive legislative plan some of the issues that the MAHA wants to manage are: Requiring licensing before the purchase of a handgun, in-depth background checks including finger printing, banning all assault weapons, Prohibiting spousal and child abuse offenders from purchasing handguns, establishing civil liability for sellers of handguns to unlicensed individuals. The community outreach plan serves as a clearinghouse for information about gun violence. This outreach also includes speakers who are available to talk to the public. The Youth advisory council is a council where students can become advocates for gun violence prevention. Another plan of action for this policy is to incorporate the NRA's Star Curriculum program into schools in Maryland.

The first program developed to deal with the issue of guns was the National Rifle Association (NRA). This program was developed in 1871. The NRA still today is the leader in firearms education. Some of its programs are: NRA Police Firearms Instructor Certification Program, Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program, and The Refuse to be a Victim Program. The NRA stands to protect g...

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...egislation instituting a 7-day waiting period for the purchase of assault weapons. Another met goal was in 1991 when the program embarked on a highly publicized education campaign to protect Maryland children from becoming victims of accidental shootings. This was aired on television through a public service announcement. In 1994, the MAHA passed a ban on all assault pistols. To view all of the conquests made by this program go to www.hgabuse.org.

In conclusion, the program since its establishment in 1986 has been an over all success. The program as a whole wishes more of the legislation they lobby would be passed, but they have to be realistic. Maryland holds some of the strictest gun laws in the United States. Through the MAHA's strong belief in education and handgun prevention they are contributors in the reduction of handgun violence in the state of Maryland.
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