Policy Analysis of Border Controls in the US

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The most important border control failures in the case of September 11 terrorist attacks were actually the passes to the hijackers by the consulate offices overseas. Nevertheless, the U.S. response included a dramatic crackdown on border ports of entry and a toughening of the policy disclosures about border security. Politicians from across the political spectrum rushed to pledge their commitment to strengthen border safety. Moreover, the handy visible indicators of progress traditionally used for border enforcement work. Counter-terrorism successes were by their nature less frequent, less visible, and more secretive. Counter-terrorism had traditionally been a low priority. However, the United States Customs Service border enforcement operations had until September 2001 to focus on drug control. The financial year 2003 budget provided an increase in the inspections budget of more than two billion dollars for border security (155). A more profound change was the consolidation of several of agencies under a new cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security the largest organization of ...
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