Policy Advocacy At The County Level

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Policy Advocacy at the County Level It is important we focus on the preventive measures that can help bring change and awareness within local communities. The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), currently enrolls more than 640,000 students throughout the county (Dauter, Fuller, 2016). Promoting a culture of prevention aim at educating youth, should incorporate policy advocacy interventions that can be embedded and take root within one of the largest school districts in the country. It’s within a social worker’s scope of practice to adopt an “integrated, ecological framework for understanding the origins of gender-based violence” (Heise, Lori1998). It would be would be highly important for social workers at all levels to allocate a strategy for social change, aim towards violence prevention (Futures Without Violence, 2016). By working hand in hand with LAUSD, social workers can provide a universal prevention approached that address domestic violence while urging community participation, primarily for high school seniors. Social workers and clinicians should intervene at the local level by developing courses that merged psycho-education, supported by innovative measures, and evidence based practices (EBP), into the curriculum of the district’s public high schools. A long term goal would be to change legislation, by advocating for a policy that requires all public high schools in the county to mandate a course aim at prevention as a requirement for graduation. In order to push this initiative, mezzo level social workers and clinicians must gather sufficient research to identify cultural barriers, beliefs and understanding of behaviors within local communities. Stakeholders Perspectives Domestic violence can often go unnotic... ... middle of paper ... ...aggressive behaviors. Not only will this help young adults foster healthy relationships but also help condone attitudes that promote safety in their environments (Avery-Leaf, Cascardi, O’Leary, Cano, 1997). Identifying key figures in the in the community, would also allow avenues of support amongst parents, administrators and key informants. A key informant would be the school principal. Influencing the leadership under which the program would take place is paramount in securing a successful plan. The faculty of the chosen school should be included in all planning in order to gain buy in from the people would be directly supporting the program. Forming a team with school officials can help create a culture of awareness and prevention for the everyone at the school. In order to have a healthy educational environment, social workers must rely on teachers for guidance.

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