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If Western diplomacy has a role to play it will have to be discreet and carefully considered, always bearing in mind that the governing rule of diplomats, like that of doctors, must be ‘first, do no harm’. ( Monteagle)

This thought, taken form The Clash of the Civilizations article, succinctly puts forth the ideas that I, as a diplomat learned throughout the Nations Game simulation. Diplomacy carries out the policy that nations have set. In order to carry out policy diplomats must use tactics and strategies within prescribed guidelines. The primary tool, which was most often used during the nations simulation, was negotiation. Most diplomacy is secret, though results are usually made public.
The goal of diplomacy is to further the state’s interests without causing resentment. Diplomacy is an alternative to war to achieve a nation’s goals. Its weapon is words. Diplomacy may employ persuasive threats, but is usually peaceful.
‘Diplomacy seeks to strengthen the state, gaining advantages and allies while neutralizing its opponents. Thus, it tries to create good will toward the state it represents” (Britannica).
The role of diplomacy during the nations simulation was very important. Envoys had to be shrewd. In order to further ones country, the diplomat had to know exactly what they needed and not back down. For example, the country of Libertania decided early on that it must concentrate on point totals. Political alliances were of secondary importance to them. Press releases were less focused on good will toward other countries, but more on setting up trade appointments. When rumors of war began to brew, Libertania immediately looked at point totals and choose a country strong in military to ally with. Ideological alliances were not at the forefront of Libertania’s strategy. Libertanian women were concerned about slavery and conditions of women in other countries, but were more concerned about our own country progressing economically. Once Libertania was in a strong economic state , then it could use diplomats to bring their political beliefs to the continent.
Outside sources, such as the World Council, at first glance thought Libertania had diplomatic failures. However, it was the complete opposite. Libertania was able to move forward through diplomatic treaties. For example, counties such as
Crock gave Libertania hundreds of point totals in exchange for signing an ecological preserve pact to protect the Vastlands.
Libertania gave up claims to both Land disputes which to outsides seemed to be foolish, costly mistakes. Conversely, they were ingenious maneuvers which allowed Libertania to collect more points. Other countries were delighted to trade us hundreds of point totals for a piece of land that would only yield a couple hundred points.

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