Policies for African Americans in the Army

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Policies for African Americans in the Army During WWII meaningless attempts were made to rid the country of segregation, most of these attempts came as a direct result of the military's non-integration policy. The strong "superiority idea" of whites over blacks reduced the government's attempt want integration to mere rocks in the ground that came as a thorn instead of a stepping stool It was the idea of blacks that if they fault for their country once more, would reap the benefits and achieve the racial equality they had " fought for, for hundreds of years. Although they searched for this integration in the military, they found little advances during the war. Black leaders lobbied for an increase of African Americans in the military. Along side the new integration policies were hidden segregated clauses, blacks could not win for loosing. An Army war college did a study on blacks in 1940, they concluded that the African American was "far below the white in capacity to absorb instruction." the report can be considered laughable given the fact that African-Americans wer...

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