Policeweblab Essay

Good Essays virus virus is termed as a dangerous threat which targets poorly protected computers to accomplish its vicious task. The virus is capable of blocking access to internet, disabling system programs and rendering computer useless. The destructive program cunningly disguises as a legal enforcement institution to scare PC users in an attempt to steal money from them. The virus is categorized as ransomware because it uses dirty tricks to extort ransom. This virus invades a targeted PC with the help of Trojan. This Trojan gets installed onto a computer disguising as a browser plug-in or popup ad or system alert or email attachment. Generally hackers install this programs to genuine sites hijacked which are mostly used as malware landing page. Similarly virus is also attached to most visited sites including freeware sites which are frequently because they offer free music, videos and software. Many PC users are not aware of the fact that they are also downloading malware along with the free downloads. These malware programs are cunning in that they are designed to accomplish their task without interfering with the system functioning. Most of these malware programs may arrive onto a system by clicking links on social networking sites or certain links on email attachments. Generally all these spam emails with attractive offers actually will lead an infected system to the state of being locked by this malware program. Like any ransomware program, this virus will blame PC user that they have been involved in crimes. The notice claims that the user is caught visiting a lot of porn stuff at a number of porn sites involving minors, propagating porn stuff and so on. The notice states that visiti...

... middle of paper ... starts its vicious task by compromising registry folder before opening a backdoor to the infected PC. This backdoor is created with the help of Trojan which gets onto a targeted PC without the knowledge of PC user. The backdoor helps hacker to install malicious program without the knowledge and consent of PC users. This will also help hacker to install spyware program and key logger capable of recording key strokes and relaying it back to a remote hacker. Moreover removing backdoor viruses is difficult because they disguise as genuine programs and also hackers may exploit the security holes to disable antivirus program on an infected system. The scam is operating under a variety of names including FBI virus, department of justice virus to name a few.
How to remove virus: We recommend you to contact tech support for removing the virus.
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