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The world has changed over the past thirty to forty years due to advancements in technology. The ways we work, play, and spend our free time have all been impacted by advancements in technology. The law enforcement field is no different; technology has radically changed how police work is done. Although there have been many advancements, most law enforcement agencies are still behind and need to catch up with the rest of society(Smith, 2013). Technology is defined as the use of science in industry, engineering, etc., to invent useful things or solve problems. Technology can be a machine, piece of equipment, or a method ("Merriam-Webster Dictionary," 2014). Technology has always had an impact on law enforcement since the first officer uses a tool or device to assist them. The handcuff is a device that is used to restrain an individual’s hands. This is something that every law enforcement officer must have to perform their duties. The notion of restraining someone has been around long before the first law enforcement officer was created. When ancient military would take prisoners, they would use rope to bond the hands of their captives. When it was discovered that rope could be cut or loosened, technology allowed the invention of metal braces that would make it impossible to cut with a knife. It was not to 1862 where a handcuff with adjustable ratchets was invented to be able to fit the handcuff on people with different size hands (Adair, 2000). There are many examples of the use of technology in law enforcement but major changes did not occur until the 1960’s. The impact of computers was first felt in when the Saint Louis Police Department acquired the first computer dispatch system. The National Law Enforcement Telecommunications... ... middle of paper ... ...on, law enforcement agencies are just beginning to understand the importance of implementing new technology in a timely manner. While criminals utilize the latest technology, law enforcement has to be ready to respond. The need to get organizations up to date has never been greater. Organized crime groups are communicating and expanding rapidly using technology to commit crimes such as theft, child pornography, sexual trafficking, and extortion. The only way law enforcement can combat these crimes is by having the equipment and training necessary to investigate and identify these criminals. The financial impact is great, but the results of upgrading technology will lead to better police service and the reduction of crime. Although there are some negatives to technology, the overall improvements to the quality of life for citizens will outweigh any negative issue.

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