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Thursday, August 25th, 2016 at approximately 3:55p.m., I Detective L. Donegain 126 of the Fayetteville Police Department Homicide Unit was contacted by Sergeant P. Orellano. Sergeant P. Orellano advised two deceased individuals had been located at 5504 Aberdeen Pl Fayetteville, North Carolina 28303.
I arrived on scene at approximately 4:19 p.m. and made contact with Detective D. Johnson and Detective J. Littlejohn from the Homicide Unit. I then conducted an initial walk-through of the residence and noticed the following.
- We entered the residence at approximately 4:23p.m. through the rear door.
- I noted a Strong odor of urine and decaying flesh coming from the residence.
-The residence was filthy the floors were covered in dog feces and urine.
-The walls,
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mows the grass and upkeeps the area he is the maintenance man.
- When Jr. cut the grass Mary and Amy usually come outside to speak with him.
- The last time Jr. cut the grass he did not see Mary or Amy, so he called Odis.
I then conducted a non-custodial interview of Dora Skaggss, white female, 7/2/1968 of 130 Fleishman Street Fayetteville, North Carolina 28303 (928)446-5590.
The following is a summary of Dora Skaggss’s interview:
- She last saw Mary and Amy about one month ago.
- She thought the dogs were outside for the past few nights which is unusual.
- The decedents don’t usually have visitors at their residence.
- The decedents had a roommate about 1yr ago by the name of Chance. He lives in the front of the trailer park with him mother.
- Amy was mentally slow but could do thing for herself.
- Amy was previously married but did not know where her ex-husband was.
I conducted a non-custodial interview of William Johnson, black male, 12/1/1953 of 5528 Aberdeen Place Fayetteville, North Carolina 28303.
The following is a summary of William Johnson’s interview:
- He cut the grass last week and did not see Mary she usually comes outside and talks to
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