Police Officer Pros And Cons

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"Police officers play a central role in the law enforcement system. They monitor criminal activity, take part in community patrols, respond to emergency calls, issue tickets, make arrests, investigate crimes and testify in court. A police officer 's first order of business is to serve and protect. Police officers serve their communities by helping citizens in times of crisis and emergency, such as when a natural disaster hits. To protect citizens on the road, they issue tickets to dangerous and careless drivers. To protect them in their communities, they make arrests that deter illegal and dangerous behavior." (Kokemuller, 2012). "There are many different types of law enforcement agencies, from small town police departments to large federal agencies. The types of jobs available will depend on the type of agency, size, and jurisdiction. These are…show more content…
When someone calls the police department after a crime is committed, officers in the area respond to the call. They take statements from parties involved in the incident as well as any witnesses to get additional information and statements. Police officers are also trained in CPR and emergency response systems and show up to aid injured people." (Kokemuller, 2012). Officers must have a short memory while on the job because situations can switch quickly, and they must be able to focus on the current scene. Some of the pros of being a law enforcement officer include early retirement, and higher-than-average pay. According to recent studies, Officers have been offering pay raises reaching up to 90,000 dollars in just five years, not including overtime pay. Officers are also able to retire after just 25 years of work. The cons of being a law enforcement officer include always being in danger and psychological stress. A police officer 's job is to fight crime, so obviously there is a danger factor when doing that. Officer 's also see things that can not be unseen and can have an impact on their lives
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