Police Misconduct and Police Brutality

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We hear about police misconduct case and wonder, Why don’t they do anything to stop this? Many say that we should keep the police officers’ perspective in mind. Others say that these actions are due to racism or post 9/11 paranoia. Whatever the excuse may be for these cases, there should be no need for violence anywhere. Police brutality videos go viral and reveal to the world that it actually happens and that it may happen to you too. This pervades people with fear and anger because their civil right are being violated. Riots are the outcome making the streets unsafe and chaotic. Statistics show percentage of the movements taken upon these criminal acts performed by police officers. We can put a stop to this and we will put a stop to this.
If you ask a police officer their perspective on police brutality, their response will be much different from a civilian’s. They believe that some inexperienced or new to the job officers take quick action without thinking because they are under stress due to the situation they are put in. Just because you fire the “bad” police officers and hire “good” police officers doesn’t mean you are making a change. Another statement made by police officers is that the media transfigures the evidence and make them look like the bad person in the scene. Although this is rare, in the case of Rodney King, it is said that the recordings of when the victim charged at an officer were deleted. The only evidence they had now was the police officers attacking Rodney King.
Every action we make has a reason as to why it was done. Police brutality has it’s own reasons that, to some, may be shocking. Racism, as the main cause of brutality, has lead police officers to choose their victims depending...

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...entences of an average of only14 months.(copblock.org)
We will put a stop to this one way or another. It is suggested to try to view the situation through the police officer’s perspective and build a positive relationship between you and the person who is supposed to protect you. Making changes in the system of power and who is in charge of the police department may also bring positive outcomes in the community. Maybe the problem isn’t the officer, but it is the one in charge of the officer. “Promoting transparency” works both ways. By letting officers ,who offend citizens, be held accountable and this will discourage police officers to stop abusing their power and brutalizing civilians. If this takes place, think of how better the world might be. Trust is a main factor in life and if you can’t trust those who are supposed to protect you then what is protection?

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