Police Ethics And Ethical Leadership

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Police Ethics and Ethical Leadership An article written jointly by Mark Perez and Anthony H Normore, published in the Journal of California Law Enforcement discusses the growing concern that the public’s trust in law enforcement is at an all-time low due to the ethical choices that some of our leadership have been making and how we can improve the publics opinion of law enforcement and some of their unethical decisions. The purpose of their article is to share their thoughts on police leadership and ethic, they feel by having just one powerful confident police leader in a department it can have a positive impact on that police department by reducing the rate of misconduct. They also feel by having a police force with strong integrity…show more content…
Unethical leadership in areas of political, industrial, religious, and public safety by just a few in upper management have caused international devastation such as the oil pollution in the Gulf of Mexico, the New Zealand mining disaster, and law enforcement leaders ignoring the unprecedented violence in jail systems. All of these are unethical activities of leadership are contributing to the loss of public trust of leadership. Some of the reasons given by (Perez and Normore 2015) for the loss of confidence were “no leading financier or politician was held legally accountable for his or her unscrupulous role in causing the economic collapse that saw millions of people around the world lose their homes, employment, lifestyle, and dignity” because of this reason I feel in itself is another example of unethical leadership in that the court system for not making these leader accountable for their unethical…show more content…
It talks about ethical dilemmas that police officer face every day. They also discuss different ways to improve the negative impact of unethical leadership and the tarnished public image that it has created. I feel that this article should be read by anyone in uniform that has a public trust to uphold be it a Police Officer, who has to deal directly with the public opinion every day, or a Soldier who is in the public eye, and even someone holding a public office or federal employees that have to answer to the public. Anyone who is part of a group that has been affected by misconduct by part of the group or its leadership were the whole groups public trusts has been
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