Police Cameras Should Have Chest Cameras

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There have been a significant increase in altercations between citizens and police officers over the last three or four years. A solution to all of these occasions from happening could be as easy as requiring police officers in the U.S to wear chest cameras that would watch and catch everything that a police officer encounters during his or her shift at work. The police cam chest cameras that should be required are tiny portable devices, about the size and length of a cigarette. They can be easily attached on sunglasses, clipped to hats or helmets, or uniform collars. The main part of the device would be wired and attached to the officer’s uniform and sits in secret a pocket. All of the cases have had one component in them that make the…show more content…
There was a study done by a police force in Texas that recorded off the chart number such as Within the first three months of having the camera the use of force from police officers dropped 60%, As well as citizen complaints fell 88% (According to Christopher Mims from The Wall Street Journal). These numbers show just what the cameras are capable of doing if they are used correctly. The cameras would provide so much information if they were needed, they could be used as a first person witness if need be in any circumstance. Also by having the cameras they would eliminate the speculation about what happened and what didn 't…show more content…
The problems that we could face with pushing in order to get the cameras, would be the cost. These cameras can be very expensive to buy for multiply police departments around the country. The cameras can cost anywhere from $100-$1,000 according to (Kloin.com/Policecameras). President Obama passed a big bill in order to fund a lot of money so police officers all around the country to have cameras to be apart of their uniform. The bill that President Obama has requested for is for about $263 million dollars. Even tho money is not the only issue with the chest cameras, people are not so sure about them because they claim that the cameras could be a privacy issue. The people that think the cameras will be a privacy issue ask questions like who and what should be recorded? Other questions come about having the cameras are when will the camera start and stop recording. These questions about the camera are good because it shows that people who are interested them also have precautions before agreeing with having them. Some other general questions or concerns about the camera are how will the retained video be stored and also how will the video be released the public from the cameras. People who have been around the body cameras in law enforcement likes them because it backs

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