Police Brutality : Racial Discrimination And The Belligerent Desire

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Police Brutality has been a widely ignored issue since the United States of America was created. Two major elements that play into police brutality is racial discrimination and the belligerent desire to misuse their power. The effects from this issue involves the loss of trust and the increase of fear towards the police force who have disregarded their obligation as protectors. Demilitarization of the police force should be a priority; the amount of weaponry supplied to them encourages the use violence as a solution to stressful situations where they do not know how to react. Periodical psychological testing could prevent mentally ill, racist or power hungry people from joining the police force and endangering the lives of the innocent in the community. The police should also undergo rigorous re-training of personnel to deal with highly stressful situations where necessary force is justified along with monthly drills to hold individuals accountable in the event an officer uses deadly force. Police brutality is a national issue in the United States, prejudice and a feeble justice system fuels this fire and the citizens need to take a stand and finally extinguish the flame through change. Law enforcement was created to protect members of the community and enforce the laws, not to do the complete opposite of that. That, in turn, causes citizens to rely less on the police when they need help. DiLascio supports that idea in paragraph six of her article, it states that: When police are accused of inappropriate conduct, and when this conduct is either not thoroughly investigated or is dismissed in court, it causes people to question whether the police are really acting in the best interest of the community. This, in turn, makes peopl... ... middle of paper ... ...ilence,” and the Department of Justice that fails to take action against police brutality. Over-sensationalized media may alter bias to believe the frequency of brutality is much higher than it is. All of these play part in society’s problem of police brutality. This issue may never affect the majority of citizens, but it still happens to innocent individuals, and as an American Citizen, there is the responsibility to better the country for everyone. Parents leave this world to their children when they start fading away, so they all need to make sure the future is brighter than the past. As citizens we have the task to watch for inappropriate conduct, stand with those who are unrightfully treated, be the change the world needs. It takes one spark to start a flame, and with that flame, it will smother the darkness that still holds humanity back from its bright future.

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