Police Brutality Essay

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In many countries, crimes on the street happen from time to time and in response governments created the police department. The public generally views police as peacekeepers, those who stand up for the law and combat crime in the streets; however, some police officers have recently taken their job further than necessary on the civilians that they are “to protect and serve,” according to the motto of the police department. Police brutality has become the source of headlines for media recently as officers have used excessive force that has harmed or even killed several people, placed police officers on trial, and affected society with the results of these trials.
Police brutality is the use of excessive force on a civilian under arrest by the
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Talks of police brutality began with Rodney King, who was beaten during an arrest, where video was recording the scene. This gave viewers at home a look at the police department, which gave people a shock to see since this was one of the first recorded instances of police brutality. With the recorded video that showed the beating, King was paid for damages, and two officers were convicted (“Police Brutality”). Another well-known case was the injuring of a baby and her family as they slept. The baby’s name was Bounkham Phonesavanh, 19 months old, who was in his crib during a SWAT raid that was being performed on their home without a warrant. A SWAT officer threw a flash bang grenade into the crib that injured the baby, and the victim will now need surgery every few years so that his head and chest will grow properly. The reason that the SWAT had for this raid was an “alleged $50 drug deal” that the department received from an anonymous tip (Wolverton II). With recent events like the death of Trayvon Martin, people have voiced their grievance and created the Black Lives Matter movement of people against the racism of the police departments in several cities