Police Brutality Essay

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Have a police officer ever abused a family member of yours?
Police brutality affects communities by lost of trust in police officers. Victims and witnesses of crimes are much less likely to report crimes. Which brings problems to our communities. In this research paper, readers will understand when a police officer who uses force when it is not called for, or who uses excessive force to perform his or her job, have crossed the line into police brutality. Police brutality remains one of the most serious and divisive human rights violations in the United State. Police brutality is a common term used to describe the use by a police officer of more force than is necessary in making an arrest or to control a person. “The word “brutality” has several
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In the 1990s the Rodney King case was the most commonly known police brutality case and was the beginning that build up police brutality. Other commonly known cases where sexual abuse, intimidation or harassment during an arrest, false arrest, and racial profiling by police officers. In this incident, multiple police officers abused Rodney King by tugging at him, hitting and kicking him and using their police sticks on him. A commission called the Christopher Commission was asked to investigate the the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to get details of the case and determine if more incidents of disorderly patterns of misconduct and abuse had occurred. Police Officers are a tight knit group; however, and unfortunately their “Blue Code of Silence” helped to conceal other outrageous examples of misconduct, according to Selwyn Raab of New York Times.("stop being famous") Victims of police misconduct have often filed a lawsuit. When filing a lawsuit for a police brutality there are many steps of combating police misconduct. If a person have experienced police brutality he or she needs to write down the names of witnesses of the act, take pictures of his or her injuries and get a medical conclusion. Also, it is a good idea to hire a police brutality attorney to help with you. When a complaint is filed with the court, a person who’s a victim of police brutality may be receive reimbursement for doctor’s fees, medical tests and
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