Police Brutality And The Police Force

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Sandra bland, a young educated college graduates women, who knew her rights and didn 't do anything wrong, ended up in prison and found dead in her cell. Trayvon Martin, who was visiting his family in a gated community, was shot to death. Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, and Sam Dubs exemplify similar stories regarding the serious issues of police brutality, which is an exercise of too much power granted to lawful policemen who are using any force exceedingly in any reasonable necessity they deem fit. The police force was established to protect and serve the American citizen, not kill them; therefore, to understand the conduct of police brutality, it is important to stress the history of how police came into power, what is causing the increase, and how to fix the issue.
In order for police brutality to occur, a police force would need to be established. Interesting enough, the police force was established in the United States of America. According to David Johnson, author of American Law enforcement: A History, he breaks down how the United states established today 's modern police force starting with a neighborhood watch originated, developed, and became the new political system we have today.
In 1630, the first legal system to be established in the North America British Colonies was established in Boston Massachusetts (Johnson). When the colonist first arrived and settled in the Colonies of Great Britain, local ordinances allowed for constables to be permitted. According to David Johnson, [There were] "six watchmen, one constable, and several volunteers who patrolled at night." These newly reformed townspeople had officially birthed the first police force for the United States by acting to more than a nei...

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... comply with saying your rights. American citizens do not have to go back to the police station if they are not being arrested. Let the officer know that you know your rights in a kind way that does not come off aggressive. (5) Lastly, taking legal action against police should always be done. For example, if every time a policeman is constantly getting sued for his actions, they will be forced to pay for the legal fees, which can bankrupt. In addition, every incident of police brutality should be kept on record for the state and the federal government.
Overall, police brutality in America cannot have existed if Boston citizens did not establish a neighborhood watch. Since the times demanded more protection, it is easy to comprehend why police needed the power to protect those in need. However, when policemen abuse their power, police brutality is likely to occur.
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