Police Brutality And The Police

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In the United States almost every week there are new articles about police brutality. Police brutality is a use of excessive force by the police when controlling a situation. Police officers are only allowed to use that amount of force necessary to complete their task or control a situation. One specific group that is targeted the most are minorities. The factors that contribute to police brutality are organizational factors, psychological factors, and racial profiling. Different departments have different structures in place: whether the department rotates it workers, the supervision level or their formal or informal policies. Each structure contributes a different aspect to police brutality. For example, in the Rodney King case, the officers in the Los Angeles Police Department used that amount of force necessary according to their department. The police department allowed the police to use their discretion to handle this case, which left Rodney King and his two friends in a brutal condition. Rodney King suffered from a broken ankle, permanent brain damage, broken teeth and bones, and emotional and physical trauma. King’s friends were kicked, stomped, and threatened. The department has an influence on how the officer will respond: brutality or not. Psychological factors such as personality disorder, past job related trauma, or an inexperienced officer who did not learn the formal way of the department policies are factor in police brutality. For example, Peter Liang, a rookie who had only been on the job for 18 months killed 28- year old Akai Gurley in the chest. Gurley’s death shows the lack of training of officer Liang because he aimed for Gurley’s chest. Another factor is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has a link w... ... middle of paper ... ...ce relationship will a benefit to the society. Even though these factors may not help end police brutality it will help prevent it from happening. Police brutality against minorities has been occurring for a long time ago. Since 1990 with Rodney King and now in 2014 Eric Garner. I believe police brutality needs to come to an end because it is affecting society relationship with the police and the community. Personally, I do not want to believe that my brothers were targeted because they “fit the description” or fear being a minority. Organizational, psychological, and racial profiling are factors that relate to police brutality. Also, it has an negative effect on community to police relationship and the victims in the near future. Better techniques taught in the police department can prevent police brutality. Hopefully one day police brutality will to an end.

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