Police Brutality And The Police

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In many countries, crimes on the street happen from time to time and in response governments created the police department. The public generally views police as peacekeepers, those who stand up for the law and combat crime in the streets; however, some police officers have recently taken their job further than necessary on the civilians that they are “to protect and serve,” according to the motto of the police department. Police brutality has become the source of headlines for media recently as officers have used excessive force that has harmed or even killed several people, placed police officers on trial, and affected society with the results of these trials. Police brutality is the use of excessive force on a civilian under arrest by the police. The forms of excessive force that the police have used range from unreasonable searches to shooting a suspected civilian. The records of these actions can be found easily by simply going on the Internet and searching police, where they can be found in the news section. In “Police Brutality” in the World of Criminal Justice, it explains that the causes for brutality are “ . . . racist attitudes, assertive police strategies, inade! quate [sic] training, and lenient treatment.“ Between April 2009 and June 2010, there have been over 5,000 instances of misconduct performed by police, about 300 led to the deaths of people, and of those 300 cases, police officers have only spent an average of about 14 months in jail, while, a regular civilian would be in jail for a minimum of 25 years or maximum of 60 years (Cassandra & Roberton; Reinhart). Several cases of police brutality have been recorded with different developments and outcomes on the verdict. Talks of police brutality began with Rodney... ... middle of paper ... ...he spread of social media and misconduct performed by their fellow officers. According to Flatow, changes to the police department have mainly resulted in the addition of body cameras to allow video to be record during the shift of an officer, agreements to train in non-lethal methods, and only five-year terms for police chiefs. In the end, police brutality is always a major accusation and sometimes an unbelievable act, which could cause the end of a life. An officer should be judged and receive punishment for their actions which will in turn affect society knowing that one or more of the officers of their police department has committed a crime and won’t receive an actual punishment like a regular citizen. Even though there are police to protect us now, there are still those officers who do not, which will change the view of the people toward local police officers.

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