Police Brutality : A Problem Over The Years

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Abstract Police Brutality Police brutality against minorities has been a problem over the years. Police brutality is the use of excessive physical force including beating citizens with hands or batons stun guns, teargas and even lethal weapons (Walter, 2014) Police brutality has caused severe physical harm over the year but it may also involve psychological harm through the use of intimidation tactics beyond the scope of officially sanctioned police procedures. Police brutality has been a major problem in many areas among law enforcement officers through the mistreatment of unarmed citizens. Although police brutality is illegal in many areas, many incidents of police brutality go unreported and prosecuted. The Police Misconduct Provision is a law that was passed that makes it unlawful for State or local law enforcement officers to engage in a pattern or practice of conduct that deprives persons of rights protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States (U.S. Department of Justice [USDOJ], ). Police brutality is an issue among the local level of government because local law enforcement officers are usually in charge of policing the community. Brutality has been a problem with the amount of minorities that have been killed over the years. Nearly two times a week in the United States, a white police officer killed a black person during a seven-year period ending in 2012, according to the most recent accounts of justifiable homicide reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. (Johnson, Hoyer, & Heath, 2014). The report on average show there were 96 such incidents among at least 400 police killings each year that were also reported to the local police (Johnson et al., 2014). Also the same report shows that 18... ... middle of paper ... ...dea of the community outreach program that is being presented. There can be a build board that states, “Building a Better Community for All” slogan with a name, point of contact, and a date where community members can come out to an information session to address the issues and how to fix them. The police department would also set up an in house informational session to inform all officers and department staff of the plans that will take place and how it will be implemented within the department. This will allow feedback from officers before the department can hold the meeting where the whole community can attend. Flyers can also be passed out in the community urging people to look at the program as a partnership within the community. While the new program may be hard to be implemented, there may also be other obstacles that may endure the passing of the new program.
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