Police Brutality?

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Police Brutality?

In the criminal justice field one of the most debated issues centers on the use of certain techniques when trying to subdue combative suspects. Since incidents like the Rodney King beating, people have started paying more attention to how the police handle suspects. Questions concerning the deaths of people after a tazor was used or the choke hold had been applied have been raised recently.

The use of tazor guns, which were first introduced in the 1970's and put out a jolt of 50,000 volts, has been questioned recently by groups like Amnesty International who claim that police using the tazors have been responsible for killing more than 70 people since 2001. This is just the latest of several reports claiming that law enforcement officers are using unsafe means when contending with combative suspects. Tazor guns were intended to be used as a last resort when all other methods of control had failed. It appears however that it has actually caused a rise in the use of force by police. In a study done by the Orlando Sentinel, it was shown that the use of force against suspects in the city of Orlando, Florida, had "nearly doubled since Tazors were issued to police", although they arrested fewer people. The same study also showed that the incident of officers getting hurt has decreased where as injuries endured by suspects has stayed the same. The data seems to suggest that officers may be using tazors in situations which would previously have been resolved without the use of force. Issuing such weapons to all patrol officers could increase officers' readiness to resort to such force, given the ease with which tazors can be used, and the temptation to use them at the first sign of resistance. A sheriff's office i...

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...cers are using the best available choices at this time. The facts seem to show that the use of these methods on a suspect that is not on drugs or overly combative work well. The fact remains that if a suspect has put himself in a combative position against a law officer then he must be stopped. With this in mind you have to ask if it is the officer's problem at all or if it is 100% the suspects fault for putting himself in that position in the first place. Law officers have to protect themselves and the people they serve. It's just one of many problems faced by law makers. Laws are passed to hopefully help the public, however, no matter what the reasons behind these laws or the feasibility of a law someone is guaranteed to complain. You can not make everyone happy at all times nor can you protect every unruly suspect from themselves. All you can do is try your best.
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