Police And Technology: The Advantages Of Police Technology

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Telonia S. Nance

The Advantages of Police Technology “How do we really know what happened?”, “Should they have taken that person’s life?”, “Couldn’t they have done something else to handle the situation?” These are the key questions that are connected to the police and the use of deadly force. The answers aren’t undemanding. Where do we start? Attempting to capture evidence about specific incidents involving police officers, additional agencies are considering the completion and feasibility of department-issued body cameras. Chief of Police Jason Parker of Dalton, Georgia stated, “Unlike in-car cameras, body-worn cameras capture everything that happens as officers travel around the scene and interview multiple people. The body-worn cameras have been incredibly useful in accurately preserving information.”
I believe body worn cameras can improve the high quality public service, strengthens police performance,
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Their footage can provide valuable evidence in cases where police and civilian accounts of events differ. “In court, the jury can see what exactly happened,” explains Richard Beary, president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. “It’s a very factual depiction of what transpired.” “There are a lot of false accusations, and the videos prove the officers right about 99 percent of the time,” said Beary. That’s one reason Jason Parker, head of the police department in Dalton, Georgia, believes the majority of law enforcement officials in the U.S. are in favor of body cameras. “They want to demonstrate to the public that they’re doing things in a professional manner and that by and large, they are using a great deal of restraint” ("Considering Police Body Cameras”). Without cameras, officers can write their narratives as they see fit. Police officers, often when they are writing their reports, write how they wish they had behaved rather than, in fact, how they behaved (Feige,
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