Police Administration Essay

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Introduction to Police Administration
The police administration is a department that is responsible for maintaining law and order. To be able to accomplish these functions, the police Administration have been simplified into various systems, management functions and organizational principles. Like any other organization, police administration requires sound and well established hierarchical form of leadership to be able to propel it to the required standards of competencies and effectiveness. As usual, the relationship between the leaders’ skills is directly proportional to the performance of the organization. Other contributing factors to effectiveness include; the environment and the organizational culture. Good leaders provide good guidance. The police administration is designed based on a system of interrelatedness among various units and organizations. It also has administrative principles, management functions, and emphasizes on the importance of written guidelines. The police have a strategic management perspective that is based on communications and information systems, performance appraisal and promising approaches that are meant to increase the police agency effectiveness through the reduction in overall crime rate.

The Nature of Police Work
The police have a portfolio to implement that often involves working within a difficult tightrope between the loyalty of the organizational on one hand, and maintaining their personal credibility and integrity on the other hand. A well designed approach is recommended to enable the organization to support the core competencies without compromising on professional reputation of the police Administration. A preferable management style is appropriate. The job of the police entails ...

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...ards preventing and controlling conducts widely threatening the lives and property of its citizens. This is achieved through promoting public safety and enhancing citizen focus through responding promptly to the local in local neighborhoods.
3 They also identify the problems that have a potential of becoming more dangerous. The police provide the best service to members of the community who require the services, whether as a victim or crime.
4 The police are also obligated to assist individuals who lack the ability to protect themselves
5 They also work to facilitate the movement of people and the vehicles
6 They also protect the constitutional rights of individuals
7 Police help resolve two conflict sides and bring peace for instance through preventing mobs and riots
8 The police are the arm of government that is the custodian of the country’s constitution
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