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1469 words

The GHGs simulate a blanket that covers the earth and keep the world warm. This protection is great for the mammals that have adapted and are comfortable being warm. Over the last couples hundred years, humans have seriously increases the level of GHGs of the world by one burning fossil fuels, oil and coal. This has rising the temperature in area the need to stay cold to support the cold weather animals. Other things are also causing the temperature to rise like deforestation. Cutting down an abundance of tree stop them from actually doing one of their jobs, this is soaking up some of the CO2. Trees remove carbon from the air and help clean the atmosphere. With the world warming up to higher temperature then it has ever has in the last 10,000 …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that humans have increased the level of ghgs of the world by burning fossil fuels, oil and coal, and deforestation, which is soaking up carbon from the air and cleaning the atmosphere.
  • Explains that global warming is causing the melting of ice cap and having a tremendous effect on the polar bears life. the ward hunt ice shelf, which has been in the artic for 3,000 years, split in half.
  • Explains that polar bears travel outside of their natural habitat to find food. sharks and killer whales are on the top of the list when it comes to danger.
  • Explains that the kodiak brown bear and the polar bear are the largest carnivores in the biologically rich artic. the polar caps region has a huge impact on the world’s climate.
  • Explains that melting ice caps are causing polar bears to consume food that they wouldn't normally eat.

In 2002 the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf, which has been in the Artic for 3,000 years, split in half. ( The shelf keep braking into smaller pieces, which also serves as natural home to polar bears. If the shelf continues to break then the polar bears in the artic will eventually won’t have a habitat to live in. This is also affecting the food that they eat. Polar bears usually feed mainly on ringed and bearded seals and whales ( That depends on what location that they are in. A polar bear can take in about 20% of its own weight in food. This only occurs when its energy demands are high. What is interesting is that a polar bear needs to have an average of about 4 pounds of fat per day to obtain enough energy to survive ( this is why they usually look for ringed seal because they weight about 120 pounds and this could be enough to hold a polar bear for about eight days. Polar bears have an interesting tactic they stalk ringed seals at the birth lairs. The lairs for the ringed seal are in caves under the snow drifts next to a hole in the ice. Once the birth lair is identified the polar bear slowly position itself near it. Once the bear smells or hear a seal in the lair she break through the roof of it and tries to get to the seal. Sometimes this method is not a success because it take a few time to break through the top of the lair. This method is usually done be the female polar bear and most of the time the seal get anyway while the bear is trying to break through the roof ( Since the polar bear food is becoming scarce they have to travel outside of their natural habitat to find food. This is unusually for the polar bear to exhibits the sort of behavior. That’s why we are noticing polar bears in places that you wouldn’t normally see them. The journey for the Polar bear to find food is

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