Pol Sar And The Khmer Rouge

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The Khmer Rouge years was a period of time that devastated all of the small country Cambodia, a story that was so well told by Loung Ung about the Pol Pot regime. The Khmer Rouge years was from 1975 to 1979 ( The Khmer Rouge, otherwise known as Communist Party of Kampuchea (CPK), conquered Cambodia for four years. The Khmer Rouge forced people to work in the fields including children. To make matters worse, the people that were forced to work were also malnourished and were living in grim conditions (
Saloth Sar, or better known by this alias Pol Pot, was a serial killer. 2 million people in Cambodia died in the years of 1975-1979 and Pol Pot was the reason those people lost their lives. He was the controller of the Communist Party of Kampuchea, otherwise known as the Khmer Rouge. Hélène Lambert from the University of Exeter writes, "[Pol Pot was] often described as a calm, kind, and smiling person on the outside, he was, in fact, a mass murderer." There has been many heated debates over whether or not Pol Pot was the commander for a genocide.
The Pol Pot regime was about racial ideology, the belief that one race is superior to another. For example in the Pol Pot regime, Chinese and Vietnamese communities were focused on for extermination. Also another injured party was people with differing political views of Pol Pot. Pol Pot’s political view was communism. Pol Pot’s purpose was to be the dominant controller. Pol Pot depended on word-of-mouth to divide the citizens into three different divisions. These divisions were “full rights”, “candidates”, and “depositees”. He killed nearly one-quarter of the country’s population. Pol Pot was a very cruel man. He tortured...

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...rible for all of Cambodia. Things that happened in the Khmer Rouge years are still around today. In Cambodia it is common for when parents grow of old age and are unable to take care of themselves, their children will take care of them. Since so many people were killed in the Khmer Rouge, those of the elderly that lived most likely no longer have children to take care of them. Another lasting effect of the Pol Pot regime, is the fact that Pol Pot killed anyone who was educated. He killed the educated people because he was worried that they would threaten his power. So Cambodia will now be struggling on educating the Cambodian people. Pol. Pot also wiped out a lot of ethnicity in Cambodia. An author at Regional Geography writes "Cambodia is the least ethnically diverse country in Southeast Asia because of Pol Pot." Cambodia is improving more and more day by day.
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