Poisoned Nation by Loretta Schwartz

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In The New Lung Cancer Pandemic in Loretta Schwartz-Nobel’s Poisoned Nation, the youngest victims of smoking were children who trust ads or mimic others (pg. 133). The other victims of smoking women and nonsmoker they get a high level of risk to get cancer (pg. 138). Lorreta explained the stages, which was made to reduce the risk of tobacco, were followed by some countries and prevented by others (pg. 146). 30 percent of American’s death was related with smoking (pg. 134).Tobacco’s ads in some countries encourage children to smoke without showing the risk of smoking (pg. 135). Also, the tobacco industry found convention people to buy something hurt their body is difficult. US sent massage that smoking is glamour, wealth and freedom to African children. US used many logos to sell tobacco like “the spirit of the USA.” They promoted for this products on T-shirts, pants, notebook…etc. (pg.136). So, as a result of all these ads the smokers’ percent increased to 70% in the last 25 years. 4, 9 million people pass away from tobacco every year. By 2030, tobacco was expected to kill 10 million people a year (pg. 137). Moreover, the industry targeting reaches to children and rises the addiction speed. According to Dr. Martian and Dr.George report in an ASH, tobacco companies improve the taste to admire children or new consumers. Tobacco works by this way, the receptors in smoker’s brain addict on nicotine that makes people feeling cool and hard to give it up. Almost all of these smokers started before 14 years old (pg.128). A study found nonsmokers people get lung cancer from other smokers who they deal with. Nonsmokers who live with smokers get lung cancer by 24%, and who work with them get lung cancer by 39%, and who share with smokers s... ... middle of paper ... ...educed the fine from $130 billion to $10 billion over 25 years. In the end Loretta told us about Barbara Tarbox, Who was a smoker from eleven years old and died at 42 years old. She made many social activities to aware people from smoking and explained her situation to be an example for the result of smoking. This chapter changes my preconception about controlling tobacco. My preconception was no country want to stop tobacco because that we still have the worst results. This chapter will help me to write my paper in air pollution’s section. I learned how air pollution by tobacco effects on nonsmokers health and how we should protect ourselves from smokers. This chapter actually takes me back when my mother always got angry from my uncle when he smoked around us. Also this information makes me more cautious to choose the person who I want to deal or hang out with.

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