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"Only one thing. Why did you ever agree to train me in the art of killing? I know you were very opposed to the idea at first, for you wanted to kill him yourself. So what made you change your inclination?" "You need to know these things for if he finds a moment where I am not with, not able to protect you. I have seen this man’s cruelty, and he cannot be allowed to hurt any other people who I care about." As soon as he said it, Edward knew Katherine had picked up the scent of his wording. "You said you have seen him hurt other people you care about. To whom are you referring to?" Katherine's face was filled with empathy and sadness. "I.... I merely misspoke, that is all." He turned away before she could see the pain and heart-break that was still so raw in his eyes. Yet he hadn't done it soon enough. "Edward, you know you can tell me anything, anything at all. With one word from you, I would carry all your secrets to the grave with me. Please--" she grabbed his hand and pulled him back round to look her in the eye. Her face was so caring that it nearly ripped him to shreds. His nearly composed features fell apart beneath her probing gaze. "Have I ever told I had a sister? She was three years younger than me, and the apple of my eye. Our mother died bringing her into the world, and my father had been killed years before in a collision of carts on a stormy midsummer’s night. Our mother's brother John took us in, but after seven years he gravely ill, and when he died he left a scared ten-year old boy alone in a large house with his seven-year old sister. I was offered a job soon after that in the stables near our house, caring for the horses that were brought in and sold. I only accepted the offer so that I could provide for Alice, b... ... middle of paper ... ...n with a full purse, compliments of Cromwell, and the location of my families' murder in my palm. However, I know not if my time in Calais will be necessary, for it is obvious to me that the man is here in France, for someone, likely he of whom I speak, has tried to poison you the same way. You had the same symptoms that Alice and my uncle John had, and the timing could not be a coincidence. I had been with you for three days straight, when I received a summons from that man, the duke d'Urboise. While I was gone, and you were locked in your apartments safely, you became ill after consuming a glass of wine. Truly Katherine, you said it yourself that the wine had a strange texture, as if it were curdled! My sister complained of the same sensation when she drank her ails the day she died! 'Tis not a coincidence Katherine! We have to find whoever has done these things.
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