Point and Counterpoint: Business Leadership

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Introduction The purpose of this paper is to point and counterpoint a global business leader who has the leadership characteristics essential to be an excellent global and multicultural leader and to identify one leader whose leadership characteristics is not conducive for a global and multicultural organization. The researcher will explain why each of the leaders was selected as well as identify and describe the characteristics possessed by each individual. In addition the researcher will discuss what leadership characteristics the selected leaders’ posses that match an ideal leader. Finally, the researcher will compare and contrast the leadership characteristics of both selected leaders. Why the Two Leaders were selected The reasons the researcher selected Mr. Akio Toyoda and Mr. Bernard L. Madoff as the successful and unsuccessful global business leaders because, both come from humble beginnings. In addition, both leaders come from different cultural background and ethnic groups. Mr. Akio Toyoda started at the bottom and moved from lower positions to the top position in within Toyota as Mr. Toyoda is the founder’s grandson. Mr. Bernard L. Madoff built the Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities from the ground into a very powerful organization and the majority of Mr. Madoff family served in key leadership position. Mr. Toyoda earned a Master in Business Administration where as Mr. Madoff earned a bachelor in political science (Fogelson, 2010; McGee, 2007; Cresswell & Thomas, 2009; Czarny, 2009; Baldwin, 2010) Global Business Leader Leadership Characteristics Leadership Characteristics Essential for an Excellent Global Leader Mr. Akio Toyoda is the president of Toyota Motor. Headquarter in Brussels, Belgium; To... ... middle of paper ... ...eadership times 1.31: Madoff: A ripoff. Retrieved from http://voices.yahoo.com/transformational-leadership-times-131-madoff-ripoff-2450359.html?cat=3 Fogelson, J. (2010). Who is Akio Toyoda? Retrieved from http://suvs.about.com/b/2010/02/24/ who-is-akio-toyoda.htm McGree, J. (2007). Creating excellent in a multinational team. Retrieved from http://www. qualitydigest.com/oct07/articles/01_article.shtml Sims, R. (1992). The challenge of ethical behavior in organizations. Journal of Business Ethics, 11(7), 505-513. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.libproxy.edmc.edu/docview/ 198178754?accountid=34899 Wood, J. & Vilkinas, T. (2005). Characteristics associated with success: CEOs’ perspectives. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 26(3/4), 186-196. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.libproxy.edmc.edu/docview/226931199?accountid=34899

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