Point Of View In Sonny's Blues: Point Of View

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Itzel Garduno-Jaramillo Professor Suzanne Weber ENC 1102 February 16, 2016 Sonny’s Blues: Point of View Matters. Struggle, drugs, separation and reunion, that is what James Baldwin illustrates in Sonny’s blues. It is the story between two entirely different brothers as they struggle to discover who each one of them really is. “Sonny’s Blues” is narrated through the nameless older brother through first person with limited omniscience. Point of view is the narrator’s position in relation to the story which is depicted by the attitude toward the characters and Baldwin purposely picks to tell the story in the first person point of view because of the omniscient and realistic effects it contribute to the story overall. The point of view in this…show more content…
“Sonny’s Blues” is written after the brother discovers what happened to his uncle, his talk with his brother, and his future reunion. The story is not progressive but rather collective. The brother has all the information and then he composes the story. By doing this, the reader has the ability to understand the plot more completely. The reader can see how the discovery of his uncle relates to his care for his brother. It also shows how the death of Gracie leads the brother to realizing the importance of family. “And I didn’t write Sonny or send him anything for a long time. When I finally did, it was just after my little girl died.” (Baldwin 52) Although the events take place during different times, Baldwin portrays the events as if they were happening at the same time. As a result, the brother can emphasize more on the content of the events and their relationship to one another, rather than their sequence or causality. This would be impossible and dulled if the brother did not have selective omniscient information of the past, present, and…show more content…
Baldwin’s superior usage of point of view is a major cause of the success of “Sonny’s Blues.” By having the point of view as first person, and having the main omniscient character, the brother tells the story and reading it from his perspective grants the reader a more completeness of the story, which would otherwise be incomplete. “Sonny’s Blues” shows that point of view matters and that you’ll never understand someone else until you step into those other shoes and walk a mile in
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