Poe's Gothic Writing Style

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When I think of traditional gothic style writings, I picture dark, creepy, and gloomy situations. Most writings in a traditional gothic style may cause your heart to beat a little more rapid and give you chilling goose bumps. However, I feel that when I read writings by Edgar Allen Poe the ‘gothic’ theme is taken to the next level giving a petrifying suspicion. Poe leaps past ordinary and traditional writing by including symbolism within words, mysteries with hidden meanings, and more dramatic and horrifying conditions than normal. David Galloway says, “Poe was a master of intensity of the picture he is able to construct from essentially ‘Gothic’ materials. But Poe attempted to go beyond the popular gothic tradition, and deplored the meretricious use of terror and grotesquerie.” I believe that the variety of Poe’s works not only met the requests of the marketplace, but was also an expression of Poe’s own thoughts about life in a deeper meaning. Just from my experience, only having read a few of Poe’s extraordinary poems and short stories, I have noticed that symbolism within words gi...
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