Poem Analysis Of 'A Story' By Li-Young Lee

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In the poem “A Story” by Li-Young Lee, the author tells a story of a complex relationship between a father and son. The father is trying to find a story to tell his son. He does not want his son to get bored with the stories he usually tells. He tells a story of how he is scared of loosing his sons love. His son is coming of age and he doesn’t want this to change. He tells this story through numerous literary terms and techniques. Lee conveys the message of the poem through lengthy stanzas. As the poem goes on, the stanzas increase. The increase in stanza length represents the escalation on emotion. There are stanzas that are similar and certain stanzas have italics to make you understand better what the author is trying to say. The first three stanzas introduce us to the characters and how the tone of the poem will be. As the poem progresses, the father realizes the riff starting to form between his relationship with his son and starts to think about what will happen. He had thoughts of doubt and …show more content…

He knows his son will grow up to be a young adult and he will leave, having no one to tell his stories to. The stories complexity comes from the differences between the father and the son. The son still sees his father as his "Baba" a storyteller still but, the fathers comfort in knowing his son will be entertained is lost by his inability to produce a new a story. The father views the day of his sons departure from and pleas for him to hear one more story "Don't go! Hear the alligator story! The angel story... you laugh at the spider story. Let me tell it!” (Line 11-14) The father looks upon the days when the name "Baba" still defines him as an important part of his child's life. Silence conquers the relationship with the boys distance from his father and the father's supplication for his son's closure. Silence is what conquers the love of the father and the supplication of the boy for a

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how li-young lee's poem "a story" tells the complex relationship between a father and son.
  • Analyzes how lee conveys the message of the poem through lengthy stanzas. the increase in length represents the escalation on emotion.
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